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How is chocolate made?

Transparency and sustainability are very important in our family business. It's been like that forever. That's why we answer the most important questions about our products, our manufacturing processes and our ingredients here.

Where does the cocoa come from?

Our cocoa comes from Ecuador and Madagascar. We know all of our cocoa suppliers and work with them on a long-term basis.

In general, 80 percent of cocoa is grown by smallholders - there are around five to six million smallholders worldwide.

The cultivation of cocoa requires a lot of attention and care, because cocoa is a very sensitive fruit. Cocoa pods can only be harvested for the first time after five years - usually twice a year.

Kakao am Baum

Our cocoa harvest is manual work. In the first step, the individual fruits are separated from the trunk with a sickle stick, sometimes machetes are also used, especially for the cocoa fruits that hang further down. Some fruits can also simply be peeled off directly by hand.

After the cocoa pods have been separated from the tree, the first quality check takes place. The cocoa pods are checked for the first time while they are still in the hand: depending on the cultivation area and cocoa variety, they are green, yellow or red-violet in color. Our harvest workers check the quality primarily on the basis of the ridged or smooth skin. The fruits are approx. 400 - 500g heavy and can be evaluated directly by visual inspection. If something is wrong with a cocoa fruit, it goes directly to the compost. If everything is in order, the fruit is taken to the cocoa house along with the other good fruits. If you open the harvested fruit you can also see directly whether the quality is right.

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