About Madame Cheri



Our vision


With Madame Chéri we want to inspire customers all over the world to appreciate the fine taste high-quality chocolate and pure delicatessen.

As a German family business, we consider consistently high quality based on high-quality raw materials, to be absolutely necessary in order to suceed in the market. Our love for nature and craftsmanship is lived up to every day at Madame Chéri. We would like to preserve this valuable tradition for future generations.


We work in close cooperation with environmental associations, we are committed to a future without genetic engineering and we are committed to protecting biological diversity.

We are sure: The mindful appreciation of high-quality chocolate and fine foods can promote well-being, health and a happy lifestyle. In combination with selected nuts and fruits, chocolate has been offering an extraordinary taste experience in Germany for over 100 years. Madame Chéri has enriched this market since 1952 with its own first festival chocolate.


Conscious enjoyment

The consumption of chocolate can and should be be a sensual experience.

Taking time for enjoyment is one of the most important lessons in the art of living. 

Instead of over-consumption of high-sugar chocolate or alternative products, we believe that conscious consumption of pure luxury foods and foods, without artificial additives or other frills, which is the best choice.




All of our ingredients are selected with care. Only the best are good enough for us. Quality, precision and care in production means more to us than just the finest taste we deliver. Care and attention is in our DNA.




Our first own chocolate recipe has existed since 1952 and was developed in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

Initially, our first bean-to-bar chocolate was made in the kitchens of local restaurants. With a better access to high-quality ingredients from around the world and the growing prosperity in the region the demand for exotic chocolates also grew. Additionally, in this early days the demand from international business travellers increased, bringing Madame Chéri chocolate as far as Japan. Due to the increasing success of the varieties, we were able to professionalize and expand our production early on.

The Madame Chéri brand has been owned by Kaffee und Schokolade GmbH in Düsseldorf since 2014. In the old tradition, our now 16 varieties are produced and sold online and offline.

During the Corona Pandemic, we decided to focus more on digital channels. Since August 2022, Kaffee und Schokolade GmbH and with it the Madame Chéri brand have been under new ownership. However, we remain a family business that adheres to our tradition and embraces change for the better. 




Transparency & Sustainability

Transparency determines our communication, our production, and the marketing of our fine foods.

Whether internally or externally, we communicate openly about our actions and needs, but are also willing to accept our weaknesses and work to improve them - this is the only way we can learn from each other and develop further. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to be a strong lever for change in the world. We can use traditional and modern business tools to drive systemic, progressive social change by addressing issues such as climate change and social justice in our daily business.

In order to do cover this this complex topic as a thought leader, we have set up a scientific advisory board. This is headed by Dr. L. Nonnenmacher. In constant exchange with experts, we develop ideas and ways that Madame Chéri can make a positive contribution performs.

As a medium-sized family owned company we have the option of full transparency on all operations in our company. Being independent, we would like to preserve this high good.



Our philosophy and partnerships allow us outstanding control on all quality characteristics of high-quality chocolate. From the bean to the packaged and shipped goods.

For us, quality not only means manufacturing first-class products, but also encompasses all areas of cooperation with our customers and partners, from order processing to customer contact. Starting with the selection of suitable ingredients, we keep a close eye on all process phases in the production of our chocolates to ensure the best quality. Everything for one goal: to deliver the best quality to our customers.